Green Team

WIN Hotels proudly presents their Green Team!

In order to reflect sustainability in our company culture, we formed the team named the “Green Hornets”. Our team pro-actively seeks out sustainable engagement with people, community and planet. Our hotels and employees are thoroughly engaged and always ready to take the next step and go the extra (green) mile!

It all started with the vision of our COO, Patrick Kerkhoven. This vision led to Three Categories:

  • Sustainability
  • People & Charity
  • Code of Conduct for our Partners

In each category, we as hoteliers have determined goals & activities, large and small. For instance, many of our guests requested us to stop using the small guest amenities, in order to minimize our contribution to the ‘plastic soup’, which will be implemented in the course of 2021 and 2022.

Furthermore, we have setup a professional monitoring system for the (mis)use of energy in our hotels: this way we safe on energy in order to help our planet. In the category People & Charity, we have developed strategic partnerships with local foundations and national trusts. On a local level we organize free lunches in our hotels for elderly people who live alone. Also, for the Ronald MacDonald House, we renovated three rooms for parents, so that they can be close to their ill child.

Our plans are multiple and much more elaborate that we can share here. We shall post regular updates when new and exciting ventures are about to take place!